Producing durable and wearable results, screen printing  in garments should be your first choice and consideration for the creation of high quality custom apparel.

    Mostly, we print with plastisol or water and discharge inks. However, you can always add high-end effects and embellishments to further customize your screen printed apparel and create something unique and remarkable.

    Our experience ensures your image is printed using the best techniques, ink and equipment on the market.

    We offer standard Screen Printing Locations

    • Center Chest
    • Full Front
    • Left Chest
    • Upper Back
    • Lower Back
    • Full Back
    • Lower Left
    • Lower Right
    • Sleeves


    Plastisol ink is the most economic and high quality choice for screen printing the widest variety of apparel.

    Why clients choose plastisol?

    • Durable
    • Opaque
    • Vibrant
    • Affordable
    • Used for dark or boldy-colored fabrics


    Water Based & Discharge screen Printing

    Water based screen printing, known as discharge screen printing when applied to dark garments, is a choice production method for many high-end and fashionable brands it creates a soft, light print layer that blends in perfectly with the fabric of the garment and produces comfortable, wearable garments.

    Excellent for:

    • A feathered tie-dye look
    • Distressed styles
    • Excellentfor super-soft, super-lightweight fabrics.
    • Eco-friendly
    • Can be even ironed without melting


    Other Specialty Inks

    Sometimes screen printing isn’t enough by itself. Specialty inks provide a unique print with effects that truly stand out. Whether it’s the soft, light print of Fashion Soft inks or the heavy, raised print of High Density inks, your screen printed apparel can be customized even further with specialty inks.

    • Suede
    • Glitter
    • High Density
    • Foil
    • Puff
    • Half tones
    • Cutting